• Energy poverty affects over 2 billion people

  • Some have access to just 0.14 Kilowatt Hours (kWh) of energy a day

  • You won't believe how little 0.14 kWh is

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  • We believe access to energy is a right

    energy4everyone is fighting energy poverty in Africa and Latin America by fuelling access to energy that's clean, affordable, reliable and sustainable.

  • A right to breathe easier

    energy4everyone is replacing noxious wood, coal or dung-fuelled stoves with charcoal or LPG stoves that burn more cleanly & more efficiently.

  • A right to live longer

    energy4everyone is bringing an energy boost to people with the lowest life expectancy & highest infant mortality rates around.

  • A right to be literate

    energy4everyone is replacing ineffective candle lighting with solar lighting that increases a person's time to learn literacy skills for a brighter future.

  • Energy poverty ends here

    energy4everyone is working hard to combat energy poverty in the developing world. We invite you to add your energy to the cause.